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Adalid García

I grew and overcame many fears.

To be able to go give value clases, I had to give up many of my own fears. I never imagined myself capable of being in charge of teaching kids. Now I know that sharing values and touching lives has been an experience that has helped me grow personally and spiritually.

Norma Hernández

 A change in conduct and new friendships.

Working with the children has been an experience that has helped me grow. At the beginning, it was a little hard to get my students’ attention and it was a hard group to work with. Soon after, I could see changes in their conduct and built new relationships with my students. Not only teaching to, but sharing with the kids helped me personally and my emotional state.

Rescuing values: A heart-warming experience.

Children, teachers and parents are very thankful with our organization for the work being done in communities otherwise never reached. But they’re most especially thankful for volunteers, who are constantly in contact with the children, teaching them and working to make a change. Consuelo Gámez received a large box full of notes, Bible verses and candy, thanking her for everything she taught them during the year.

Volunteers at Escuela Lempira received acknowledgments for their work rescuing values. The school’s director, Osman Ferrera was one of the first to share and thank volunteers and UBH for helping the children have a change of attitude towards values and morals in the clases they received.

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