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Every day, our volunteers are faced with heart-breaking situations. Children in need of God's hope. These are some of the stories.

Carlos & Oscar

Children in situations too common in Honduras.

Carlos and Oscar come from one of the most dangerous areas of Honduras, and represent what many kids have to live with. Loss of parents, lack of any kind of attention, exposure to immorality, and a complete atmosphere of darkness.

Thankfully, a loving volunteer willing to take up the challenge, his wife and other church members, have worked and are still working with Carlos and Oscar. They have changed and now help in our classes, lead their own classmates and have found God in their lives.

Suany / 12 years old

From emptiness and depression to confession and salvation.

Suany is a 12 year-old girl who lives in San Pedro Sula with her parents and was in 6th grade at the time. She received values classes from us and the lesson The Value of Life touched her to open up and tell our volunteer about her depression because of loneliness and lack of her parent’s attention.

She would think she wasn’t worth anything, didn’t matter and was alone. God touched her and she started telling us more about her situation. She started drinking and smoking to fill that void, even cutting herself to get her parent’s attention. Right after hearing about this, we started praying with her and personally ministering to her continually. One day, she called one of our volunteers (María Teresa) and told her she was now going to Sunday School in a local church and wanted Christ’s love to fill that void. On July 24th, 2012 she accepted Christ as her savior.

Oscar, Suany and Carlos’ situations are not isolated cases. Sadly, they are situations we find too often in Honduras.
How can these kids see hope? How can they grow up to be a different generation?
Our mission and our burden is to break this cycle that keeps repeating itself and is sinking our children more and more, every day.
No matter where you are, you can stop this from, one child at a time, with us.

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