no mas violencia

— no more violence —


A commitment to communicate the eternal truth of the word of God to the youth of Honduras with the goal of seeing a different generation. Reaching what represents more than 50% of the population of the country, we inspire the church to find new and more attractive ways to minister our young country.


Honduras' youth is constantly bombarded and exposed to believe in a life style full of drugs, corruption and criminality. With one of the highest levels of poverty in the world, our young people are vulnerable to embrace this dark and dangerous way of life. Only God's invincible love can bring peace into this tumultuous society.


We collaborate hand-in-hand with the Church and the public education system in Honduras. We work with a systematic program of ethic and spiritual values that we serve every week to thousands of young people in the most dangerous parts of Honduras. Our most emblematic program is called "No Mas Violencia" (No more violence).