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San Pedro Sula

It is the industrial capital of the country, but sadly, it is also considered one of the most dangerous cities of the world. San Pedro Sula is a city with great spiritual need.


Situated in the east of Honduras, and trapped in a wave of violence without justice, the children of this area, grow up with limited opportunities and very little education.


The capital city of Honduras, with more than one million in population. It is also considered as one of the three most violent cities in the world. We need to restore the children's hope in this crime-torn city.


It is thought of and talked about as a city governed by drug trafficking and associated with latin american organized crime. The children in this city grow up in this darkness and need a spiritual awakening.


It is situated between the two most important cities in Honduras; makes it a city with great future and potential. We need preventive work to keep this city as a peaceful place.


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