a people filled with hope

in a country plagued with misery

Carlos & Oscar

Stories that represent the situations of many children in Honduras

Carlos Orellana and Oscar Matute are students in a School located in one of the most dangerous parts (Colonia Satélite) of San Pedro Sula – the most violent city in the world. Colonia Satélite, is also one of the areas with most domestic violence, according to statistics.

The school they go to has about 2,000 children, but UBH is currently only able to minister to 500 of them, in grades fifth and sixth – with only 4 volunteers. It’s important to gather more volunteers and acquire the funds to be able and reach all children in this school.

Carlos and Oscar both are from very dark and negative backgrounds. And saw things we couldn’t imagine, from a very young age.
Carlos tells us: My dad was an alcoholic and would hit my mom repeatedly. He then left us for another woman. After that my mom immigrated to the United States and I didn’t hear from her for 3 years. Me and my brothers lived basically alone.

While crying, Oscar told us his situation: Both of my parents left for the United States and left me with my grandmother and uncle. My grandma would spend her time washing and ironing other people’s clothes and my uncle would spend his time out in the street, with his friends.
He would sometimes force me to do things I didn’t want to, like smoking, robbing, immorality… things I know are wrong, I don’t want to be this way. One day, I’d like to leave for the United States and find my parents, but they never have called.
These situations happen too often all over the country and force kids into a negative life, they never would’ve chosen if they had the chance to. This also takes children to join street gangs and later on, organized crime – looking for acceptance.

Thankfully, a loving volunteer willing to take up the challenge, his wife and other church members, have worked and are still working with Carlos and Oscar. They have changed and now help in our classes, lead their own classmates and have found God in their lives.

economic troubles

Being in one of the poorest countries in the world, second after Haiti, Honduras' families are suffering deeply at home. It not only brings malnutrition, unemployment and incapacity to provide for proper housing, but it's breaking our families: leaving the children mostly in loneliness, and leading them to street gangs and organized crimes.

a plague

Our children and society are at an increasing risk of being victims of a plague that has spread all over our country. Immorality, hopelessness, broken families due to immigration, violence due to poverty and organized crime, and lack of education are our reality and it's the time to step up and change it. 

Willingness to listen

Even through all the problems we face, Honduran children are still willing to listen, and have an open heart. The lack of some kind of hope opens doors for the word of God to enter and change lives.