A commitment with Honduras' young.

A work that will change generations.

Scripture Union Honduras is a non-profit Christian organization which is a part of Scripture Union International. As a national movement, it is committed with the objectives, faith declaration and international work principles of Scripture Union. At the same time, it has autonomy to develop its ministry and its government form in the most appropriate way for the Honduran context.

UBH was founded in 1989 and started its work programs in 1992. The movement began in the city of Siguatepeque, with the vision of a national board. Our staff and volunteers seek to communicate the Gospel of Jesus to children, youth and their families, not only through their words, but also through a caring relationship.

Focus on Prayer

We believe that the best way to lead people to an encounter with God is through our own encounter with Him through prayer.

Good testimony

We work to keep unity, a good Christian testimony and consistency with what we say in private and public, with what we do.

loving our neighbor

God has called us to love and serve children, youth and their families, attending to their needs, no matter where they are.

church ally

As we belong to God's universal family, our efforts are done with different denominations and churches without interfering with doctrine.

Study of God's Word

We believe that the best and most sound way of reaching spiritual maturity is through the reading and studying of the His word.

respecting culture

We work in different contexts and environments, showing respect to authorities, adapting and tolerating any place's traditions and/or ideas.